Which High-Security Door Hinge Should I Use?

Interlocking Security Stud Standard hinges have a pin or bolt that can be removed so the two hinge leaves can be separated and the door removed. For in-swinging doors, this does not present a security risk. But commercial exterior doors generally swing out, with hinges exposed on the exterior. Without a high-security door hinge, the door can easily be removed by pulling out the hinge pin.

High-Security door hinges are available in several types:

Interlocking Security Stud – where a security pin projects from one side of the hinge leaf. When hinge is closed this stud anchors into a locking hole on the other leaf, locking the two sides even if the hinge pin is removed. See photo

Secured Hinge Pin – where the hinge pin is non removable. Continuous hinges are one example of non-removable hinge pin.

 Hinge Pin Set Screw – a set screw keeps the hinge pin in place. The set screw can only be removed when the door is open.

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