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If you notice that you have not taken the majority of these preventive measures, we would be happy to help modafinil200mg.net protect your home from any potential security risk.

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    YesNoFix -- Do all entry doors have working, keyed entry locks and deadbolt locks including the door from garage to the house!
    YesNoFix -- Do you test locks periodically?
    YesNoFix -- Do you test any new keys made for neighbors before distributing?
    YesNoFix -- Are windows kept latched and locked?
    YesNoFix -- Are you aware that you should not rely on chain latches?
    YesNoFix -- Are doors locked at night and every time you leave the house, even if it’s just for a few minutes?
    YesNoFix -- Are all exterior doors solid hardwood or metal clad, strong enough to withstand excessive force?
    YesNoFix -- Are all exterior frames securely fastened and reinforced if necessary?
    YesNoFix -- Are all hinged exterior doors secured with deadbolt locks with minimum 1” throw?
    YesNoFix -- Are all strike plates installed in jam with 3” screws?
    YesNoFix -- Have locks been rekeyed or changed if not done since you’ve moved in?
    YesNoFix -- Do you KNOW that your keys have not been duplicated by those who were given temporary keys?
    YesNoFix -- Are glass panels in doors reinforced so cannot be shattered?
    YesNoFix -- Are hinges accessible from the outside are pinned to prevent removal?
    YesNoFix -- Do basement windows and doors have extra protection, curtains, bars?
    YesNoFix -- Are windows air conditioners secured from inside?
    YesNoFix -- Do you have a means of viewing who is at the door without being seen before you open?
    YesNoFix -- Are your sliding glass doors and windows equiped with anti lift, anti slide devices?
    YesNoFix -- Are garage doors without automatic openers kept closed and locked when not in use?
    YesNoFix -- Are your double-hung windows are secured with pins or extra latches to discourage prying?
    YesNoFix -- Is your personal property is marked and listed, to discourage burglars and improve recovery rate?
    YesNoFix -- Are all entrances well lit at night using energy saving motion sensors?
    YesNoFix -- Is your address posted, clearly visible night and day from the street for emergency service identification?
    YesNoFix -- Is your remote garage door opener customized for your use (not factory code!)?
    YesNoFix -- Are keys are removed from vehicle while in garage?
    YesNoFix -- Can your garage light can be turned on from inside house?
    YesNoFix -- Are the shrubs kept trimmed so no one can hide in them below the windows or near doors?
    YesNoFix -- Are bikes, mowers, ladders etc are kept inside?
    YesNoFix -- Do you know your neighbors and watch out for each other’s property?
    YesNoFix -- If you have a hidden, "emergency key," is it located in a place where no one can observe you retrieving it?
    YesNoFix -- Do you have an alarm? Even a simple battery operated door alarm is a good enunciator
    YesNoFix -- Do you want to know when someone enters your house when you are not there?
    YesNoFix -- Would exterior and/or interior cameras, viewable remotely from your smart phone or computer, increase your feeling of security?

    YesNoFix -- Do you stop all deliveries when on vacation?
    YesNoFix -- Do you forward phone calls to your cell phone?
    YesNoFix -- Do you leave shades and blinds in normal positions?
    YesNoFix -- Do you notify trusted neighbors to watch your place, perhaps park a car in driveway?
    YesNoFix -- Do you have a timer on lights and radio?
    YesNoFix -- Have you made sure someone will take care of your yard, shovel your walk while you are away?
    YesNoFix -- Do you strive to make your home look as lived in as possible while you are away?
    YesNoFix -- Have you made a list of all property, credit cards and serial numbers and keep list in safe place?
    YesNoFix -- Have you considered the many advantages to numeric combination locks on at least one door? Easy to change combo after service, contractor, household help no longer need access.
    YesNoFix -- Are your locks convenient and easy to operate? They are more likely to get locked!
    YesNoFix -- Have you considered Electronic access control systems can be interrogated to who came in when and restrict access to pre-programmed times?
    YesNoFix -- Have you warned all occupants not to use hidden key as regular means of entry?

    After you have taken safety security measures, be sure to check your homeowner’s insurance policy or speak with your insurance provider.

    You may be eligible for a 2%-15% reduction in premiums for installing deadbolts and other security measures.