James started Tinder Company in 1978 after working for another local locksmith. After working there for several years, gaining experience in all facets of the trade, Jim left to go on an extended vacation to Europe and brought home a lifetime of memories. When he returned to his home town his former job was no longer available. But ever resourceful, Jim contacted his network of friends and family to spread the word that he was available for work. Soon many called him to do their lock work. He kept very busy.

He and his wife Mary have two Great Danes, “Gooey” and Rumble and a little terrier mix named Lily share the home. Six barn cats and four horses also reside on the farm.

Having the family name “Tinder” was a great asset in establishing his Indianapolis locksmith business. The name has long been associated with integrity in Indianapolis. One of six children, Jim graduated from Chatard HS and attended Indiana University for a while, prior to starting career in locksmithing. Besides his passion for the locksmith trade he is an avid golfer, loves to travel, takes regular trips to Canada to fish at a fly-in lake and is an excellent cook! He also enjoys maintaining the Tinder farm and is renovating a home recently purchased at auction.

Big Jim's original tool set!When Jim started in the trade cordless power tools were not available. Jim installed many, MANY deadbolts with the very hand drill you see pictured right!

Of course he prefers to use power tools today but has a passion for excellent quality old tools and maintains a fine collection, including many of those that helped him start his business.