Our Safe Technicians have attended many training classes so they know how to open and repair safes in the most econical way with least damage to the safe.  We can refit safes with newer, electronic opening devices. 

Fire proof safes, gun safes, wall safes, file cabinet safes, floor safes, cash boxes, depository safes, business safes, drop safes, key safes… Do you need a safe for documents only? What about personal valuables? Or perhaps you are seeking a safe for your business. How do you choose between all the options available?


liberty sentry safe

Fire Protection for Safes

Do you need fire protection? Safes have fire ratings. The rating is in how many hours the safe will protect contents when subjected to 350 degrees.

Burglary Ratings for Safes

Safes also have burglary ratings. Net Working Time - This is the UL term for testing time which is spent trying to break into a safe using tools such as diamond grinding wheels, high-speed drills with pressure applying devices, or common hand tools such as hammers, chisels, saws, and carbide-tip drills. If a safe has been rated with a 30-minute net working time, (TL30), the rating certifies that the safe successfully withstood a full 30 minutes of attack time with a range of tools.

  • Theft resistant - This rating means the safe provides a combination lock and minimal theft protection.
  • Residential Security Container rating (RSC) - This UL rating is based on testing conducted for a net working time of five minutes, on all sides, with a range of tools.
  • TL-15 rating - The TL-15 rating means the safe has been tested for a net working time of 15 minutes using high speed drills, saws and other sophisticated penetrating equipment.
  • TL-30 rating - A product carrying the TL-30 security label has been tested for a net working time of 30 minutes with the same types of tools mentioned above.
  • TL-30 x 6 - The TL-30 (30-minute) test is conducted on all six (6) sides of the safe.
  • TRTL-30 - The TRTL rating designates a safe which successfully resisted 30 minutes of net working time with a torch and a range of tools which might include high speed drills and saws with carbide bits, pry bars, and other impact devices.


Mechanical dial combination, key access or electronic and even biometric … safes come with many options. What suits your style? We supply and install all types of safes. We can put one behind a picture, in your closet, or install in the basement in concrete. We can open and repair the safe you’ve lost the combination to and repair the safe that has malfunctioned. Let us suggest the best safe to suit your needs. Contact Kelly, the shop manager to discuss your needs for safe keeping.