IP based camera/DVR systems are the most popular type of surveillance video system we offer.  Our customers are thrilled with the convenience of being able to monitor your cameras from any internet device- computer or smart phone.   DVR devices can be programmed to send a text/email when a device is activated.  Zoom in to see camera views.  Playback and view history without being on-site!  


We select the camera system that fits your needs.  HD high definition camera, low light, tracking, or basic.   Don’t be disappointed with your investment in security cameras and recording.  The camera must be selected kamagrawiki.org carefully in order to give you the information you need- license plate,  clear facial image,  night/low light resolution…  Tinder Co. has cameras set up at our shop which can be viewed remotely so the difference in camera quality and features can be demonstrated to you.

In the end, security camera systems can often be the most economic way to watch over your building or to keep tabs on your equipment and inventory AND act as a bit of a deterrent!  

Contact us today if you have any questions or issues with your current  or explore a new security camera system.