Master key systems are created for convenience. Within a master key system, groups of locks can be keyed alike, so that the same key operates all locks in the group, plus all locks in the group are operated by the master key, and other locks can be keyed to a separate key plus the master key. These locks would be described as keyed alike or keyed different and master keyed.

Master keying limits the number of keys on your key ring. However, it is important to understand that sometimes lock and key security is sacrificed for this convenience. Good system design and key control measures can keep your master key system more secure.

To ensure long-life and user-friendliness, Master Key Systems should be properly designed by a professional and the user will need to maintain good key control methods. Flexible master key systems can be created to meet the needs of large office buildings and simple ones that can be used for your office or home.


We take a lot of pride in providing excellent master key service and support for our customers. We understand the principles of proper master keying and the importance of good documentation, create customized, computer generated master key systems tailored to fit your needs, both current and future.  We keep your key records secure, provide training, advice and many tools that aid you to confidently manage your keys, extending the life of your system and minimize costs of re-keying.


The average lifespan of a master key system (before it becomes compromised) is 3-4 years. We are proud to report that many of our customers have had their systems in place for over 10 years! This is a direct result of the system design, the tracking and control tools we provide and instructing on good key control methods. We can provide you with a Master Key Hierarchy chart, list of keys in system, what doors they operate and more.

Tinder Co staff has master key service experience and training to custom fit a master key system to your needs. Contact us to discuss your master keying needs.