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Tips for Your Business, Institution, Organization

Security Collars

Someone can all too quickly open the lock if you don’t have a security collar installed. A security collar costs between $10 and $20. Once installed, if the wrench is applied the hardened collar just spins and does not allow a grip on the actual lock. This is one, very low cost investment that yields huge security benefits.

Latch Guards

Doors that open out have some security risks. If the lock is not installed properly it might only take a credit card to jimmy the door open. If you can see the actual latch then it is exposed to tampering. A latch guard, properly installed protects the latch from pry bar attack.

Hinge pins

Can someone remove the pin from outside and take off your door? Security hinges prevent this.


You can have the most expensive, high security locks but they are worthless if the door does not close properly to lock correctly and in commercial property this involves a door closer. Have your door inspected. Make sure when it closes IT LOCKS.

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Before we do a complete security survey for a business it is important to clarify with the customer exactly what they are asking us to protect.  Some preliminary information we need to define:

1.  Who or what are we securing and from what threat?

 2.  Are you wanting precautionary measures or is there an immediate threat?

 3.  If there is an immediate threat, how strong is it and what is the motivation behind it?

We ask these questions because the retail store that sells popcorn has very different security needs than the store who sells diamonds!  It is very likely that these businesses will encounter a very different level of criminal.  We understand the differences and can help businesses by providing a level of security that matches their particular situation.  We survey what you are trying to protect, how you are currenlty protecting it.  Then, as security professionals we determine how WE could get past your security and get to your asset.  Then we recommend ways to defend against attack.

Remember that most doors are locked with only a latch. It is all too easy to quickly spread the frame with a simple tool and pop the door open. Often this does not leavy any evidence of forced entry! Most alarm contacts are easy to counter and are only part of a reactive system rather than pro-active defense!

Are you really serious about security? Are you satisfying an insurance requirement? Government regulation? Or are you seriously trying to protect your assets?