A deadbolt provides a great deal more security than a standard door knob type lock. The reason for this is that most deadbolts have a bolt that projects a full one inch (one inch “throw”.)

This means it will go further into the door jam and provide great resistance against prying attacks and forced entry. Locking knobs only have a bit more than a half inch projection so after clearing the space between door and jam you are lucky to have 1/4 inch that actually goes into the jam. And the jam can be spread 1/4 inch with a pry tool.

Deadbolts from Tinder.

For real security, deadbolts should be installed to complement or reinforce the effectiveness of a spring-bolt lock on the entry door to your home or building.

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism distinct from a spring-bolt lock because a deadbolt cannot be moved to the open position except by rotating the lock cylinder. The more common spring-bolt lock uses a spring to hold the bolt in place, allowing retraction by applying force to the bolt itself. A deadbolt can therefore make a door more resistant to entry without the correct key.

At Tinder Co, we offer a variety of standard and high-security deadbolts, all of which can be installed into the door of your home or building by our expert technicians. Our very experienced and skilled team will help you in anyway possible. 

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