Panic Exit Devices are locks that include a bar running horizontally across the door that you simply push to unlock and open.

These locks always allow you to exit the door from the inside. But there are many options or functions. Do you want to be able to unlock the outside and keep it unlocked? Do you want an alarm to sound when the door has been opened? Would you like to be able to electrically unlock the door from a remote desk? All this and more are options for panic exit devices.

The Von Duprin 99 Series can be “dogged down” or kept in unlocked mode by pushing the bar and turning the dogging key.

More and more fire and safety regulations are requiring a panic exit device be installed on commercial doors. These are easily incorporated with access control system. Existing panic exit devices can often be retrofitted with electric controls so they can be operated remotely. Or if not then we can pair them up with an electric strike to fit your application.

Panic Exit devices can get some very high — and often equally rough! — use. They may need adjustment to ensure that they actually lock when closed. Our technicians have been specially trained to install and service most brands of panic exit devices. They can be tricky! Plus we know to check the door closer ,which regulates closing, for proper operation because if it is not adjusted properly it will not allow the panic device to lock properly. We keep a good supply of parts on hand from all different manufacturers to promptly serve our customer’s needs.