Tinder Co. has been serving Central Indiana since 1978.

And in that time we’ve learned a lot about our community and our customers needs.  As new technologies and systems have been introduced, and as the community has changed, we’ve stayed on the cutting-edge of our industry and today we are the most knowledgeable, best-equipped independent access-control and security company in the area.

A service company is only as good as it’s people and the majority of our talented staff have been with us for 10 years or more. This means you will be dealing with someone who knows you and your business. Our customers like having consistent and dependable contacts.

We are proud to be an independent small business, allowing us the freedom to select and install products that best suit our customers needs. We are not forced to recommend one brand or manufacturer. We have a broad range of knowledge and are comfortable with all types of technology. With our years of service and repair experience, we steer our customers toward reliable products.


Tinder’s Locksmith Service was started by James Tinder in 1978. The first shop was located in the Canal House in Broad Ripple. After a few years, the shop was moved to College Avenue until that space was outgrown. The next location was near Broad Ripple Park on Broad Ripple Avenue where we stayed for 5 years before purchasing the present location on 55th Place.

In 1986 Mary Tinder joined the company and Tinder Co. began installing and servicing electronic locks and access control systems. Electronic access control was a very bestacnedrug.com young industry at the time and did not have the bells and whistles that are standard in today’s units so the Tinders’ incorporated sensors and logic controls in their designs that satisfied the needs of their customers.  It was a very exciting time for us.

Servicing and installing security hardware, doors and windows along with locks was necessary to be able to provide our customers with strong security.  We knew that a very good lock is pointless to install on a hollow door or one that would not close.  We wanted to provide REAL security, not a false sense.  So, with additional training for our technicians and staff we can provide and install these very valuable security measures.

Our name has changed a bit over the years.  We started as “Tinder’s Village Locksmith” reflecting our location in the Canal House in Broad Ripple Village.  When we moved out of the village proper we changed to “Tinder’s Locksmith Service”.  To reflect our electronic locking offerings we were also known as “Access Control Specialists.”  It became a bit confusing as our skills and offerings expanded so we simplified to our current name “Tinder Co.”

We currently have two buildings: a converted house plus a large metal building. We are planning to connect these two in 2011, adding showroom space and more room for our growing number of technicians.

We have strong, long relationships with our regular customers who appreciate our genuine concern for their security. Most of our new business comes customer referrals.

While we have resisted getting too big, too fast, Tinder’s Locksmith Service is one of the largest lock shops in Indianapolis.