Electric locks are electrified to be able to operate them remotely or with an access control system. They come in many forms:

  • Electrified Knobs/Levers look like a standard entry lock but have control wires to lock or unlock.
  • Magnetic locks are very secure but need power to lock so battery backup is a recommended option for the power supply. Some sort of release device, either a push button, a motion sensor or access control system is required for magnetic locks. Be aware that some township fire marshalls have banned magnetic locks. They resist attack even from clever firemen and are sometimes seen as impeding their life saving attempts. However, for the same reason, Magnetic locks are an incredibly secure and strong electric locking device.
  • Electric Strikes work with a mechanical locking mechanism; knob lock, panic exit or the like. Electric strikes are mounted on the door jam and release the latch when signaled from a remote button, motion sensor or other access control system. The mechanical lock operates normally according to its own function and do not require an auxiliary release mechanism.
  • Electric Bolts are electrically operated deadbolts and much more secure than electric strikes. However these too must have a release mechanism to unlock.
  • Electrically Operated Panic Exit Devices always allow free exit, are very secure and can be operated remotely and with access control systems. These are more costly than other options but comply with fire codes and provide a high degree of security.


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