A door closer is an often ignored mechanical device designed to close a door slowly, but firmly enough to latch.  A properly sized and adjusted closer is critical for security of your building!  When out of adjustment the door may slam, blow open with the wind and never quite shuts to lock. Another very dangerous problem is without proper maintenance the bolts can loosen.  Then this heavy door closer could fall off and likely land on someone passing thru the door! Please do not neglect a door closer that is not operating properly.

One problem leads to another with door closers. Improper adjustment can lead to slamming which could loosen the attaching bolts.  So if you have a problem with a door closer it is VERY important to get it checked and repaired.

Door Closer Adjustment

If you find oil on the cover or leaking from the door closer, it is time to get a new one!

Door closer adjustment is an art that requires knowledge, patience, experience and an ability to climb up and down a ladder several times to test. Often adjustments must be made to adapt to the weather conditions and the air handling system of the building. If you try it yourself just remember that a little goes a long way when turning the adjusting screws.

Commercial door closers have several adjustments available. Controls for swing speed and latching speed control how fast the door closes, and many closers also feature a hydraulic control for back check that controls the last few inches of the opening the door so as to prevent the door from being slammed into an adjacent wall.

A very simple closer is often used on a home’s storm or screen door. These too often have several adjustments and should be sized differently according to the door it must close.