Thirty percent of all burglaries are unlawful entries without force.

This means that THE INTRUDER HAD A KEY to gain access! Most keys can be copies at just about any hardware store and even a discount store. It does not take much time to copy a key.

There are more than a million reported burglaries from businesses each year. The average loss for business burglaries is $1,400. And, for those occurring in the daytime (when an unauthorized key is likely to be involved), the average is more than $1,800.

Key Control is essential to security. High Security Keys protect you against:

High-Security Keys from Tinder.
  • Key holders making copies of their keys without your knowledge.
  • Parking lot attendant, cleaning persons or contractors making copies of your key.
  • Former employees using duplicate keys they’ve made to gain access.
  • Loss of security as facility keys continue to get duplicated.
  • Undetected entry to sensitive areas of your facility from cylinder tampering.

High security keys have patent protection and provide your keys with a legally backed guarantee of geographic exclusivity, which means that keys cannot be made for your facility without your authorization. The keys are usually complemented with locks that have extra drill and pick resistance. To be truly considered truly high security, cylinders and locks are tested by independent testing laboratories to meet specific performance criteria.

Standard key compared to high-security keys - by Tinder


The image to the left represents two types of keys.

The key on the top is a popular hardware store brand. It has lengthwise grooves and crosscut notches. It can be copied by minimum-wage clerks at thousands of stores, no-questions-asked.

The key on the bottom is a Medeco. It looks identical, except that its crosscut notches are cut at three different angles. These make it impossible to duplicate anywhere except at a professional, Medeco locksmith (and they DO ask questions!)

We handle several different brands of high security locks and keys including Medeco, Schlage, and Kaba.