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Tips for Your Home

DEADBOLTS! Most new homes have deadbolts installed but if you do not have them on your home you are advertising to potential intruders that your home is unprotected. A standard entry knob latch only has barely ¼” of metal keeping your door locked. Often much less. A deadbolt goes much further into the door jamb providing a lock much more resistant to prying and other bypass methods.

Single or Double Cylinder Deadbolts?

Good question. DOUBLE CYLINDER DEADBOLTS operate with a key on the inside as well as the outside. SINGLE CYLINDER DEADBOLTS have a thumb turn on the inside and a key cylinder on the outside only.

We used to recommend DOUBLE CYLINDER DEADBOLTS when a customer had glass near or around the door that if broken, the lock could be reached and turned to open. However we always instruct customers on keeping a key hidden near or around the door so in emergency such as fire you and family can get out safely.

Recently the fire marshals are discouraging double keyed locks for fire safety reasons. If you already have double cylinder deadbolts on your home be sure to keep a key handy and that all family members know where it is. Or, change out to single cylinder deadbolts.

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