Most people don’t think about their door hinges too much. Hinges come in many styles, sizes, and finishes and can be self closing. Special hinges can pass electricity to the door in a hidden and secure manner.


If your hinges won’t swing your door closed, the door will not lock properly.

We have an assortment of hinge types. Two of the more common types are Security Hinges Continuous Hinges.

Security Hinges

Security hinges are used to prevent the door from being removed from the hinge side by compromising the hinge.

Types include:


  • Interlocking Security Stud – A security pin projects from one side of the hinge leaf. When hinge is closed this stud anchors into a locking hole on the other leaf, locking the two sides even if the hinge pin is removed. See photo at the right ->>
  • Secured Hinge Pin – The hinge pin is non removable. An attractive and economical security solution.
  • Hinge Pin Set Screw – A set screw keeps the hinge pin in place. The set screw can only be removed when the door is open.
Security Stud Hinge from Tinder.
Continuous Hinges
Continuous Hinges from Tinder.

Often a locking problem is solved by tightening the hinge to the frame or door. Sometimes we find that the hinges and/or door jams have failed. The wood or metal can no longer support the hinge so it sags. A sagging door will not properly close, lock and latch securely.

A continuous hinge is good solution when the existing hinge cannot be repaired or replaced because of weak structure in door and frame. A continuous hinge is also a good solution when the original hinges have been improperly sized for the door and jam.

Electric wire transfer is also available in continuous hinge style and makes a clean and secure way to run control wire from the lock to the frame.

Continuous hinges are designed for new construction or retrofit applications. Continuous hinges reduce maintenance costs and outperform traditional hinges in schools, offices, airports, storefronts, hotels and public and industrial buildings. They are especially durable and maintenance free for high traffic areas. They come in many finishes and can be electrostatically painted to match any finish.