Proximity Reader from Tinder.

Proximity readers are our most common “front end” installations for access control systems today. Readers usually have some small LEDs for feedback and are a simple box. Large proximity readers can read up to several feet away. They accept flat cards, key fobs that fit on your key ring and virtually indestructible.

Proximity readers are fairly impervious to weather conditions. They operate indoors or out, thru rain, snow, sleet or hail. Because they are epoxy sealed with no moving parts, they are very durable.

Proximity readers are often paired with a numeric keypad.

The proximity reader is on the bottom. This allows the user to selectively program to require both card and code, just card, or just numeric code. It is a very effective, double id system which stops someone from giving out the code, finding a card and using it because they don’t have the code. It also allows for simple numeric code during daytime hours and additional security of both card and code for after hour entry.