Your security is our product.

We use the best hardware and the best people to accomplish this goal.

Product shelf at Tinder.
Access Control Systems

Tinder Co. is a leading company in access control and keyless entry applications in Indianapolis Indiana. We have spent over twenty years building our security access control department to provide high-end solutions to our clients.


Master Key Systems

Within a master key system, groups of locks can be keyed alike, so that the same key operates all locks in the group, plus all locks in the group are operated by the master key, and other locks can be keyed to a separate key plus the master key.



Make it difficult for intruders to gain access from the very beginning!

The first line of defense against crime is making it very difficult for intruders to gain access. Properly installed quality locks and security hardware greatly add to your safety and security.


Keys, Cards & Readers

Technology improves. So should your protection.

Learn about the various levels of security offered with standard keys, high security keys and also card key uses. As technology advances, so does the technology used for illicit purposes.


Door Hardware

We offer much more than just locksmith services!

If your door does not close properly your security can be severely compromised. Most businesses have automatic door closers on exterior doors; however, if these doors are improperly calibrated, the door may look secured, but in fact can simply be pulled open! The best lock in the world will not provide any security if your door does not shut and lock properly.


Security Equipment

Learn how safes are rated for fire and burglary protection!

And find out what we have to offer. Find out who is at the door before you open it with intercoms and CCTV. Learn about institutional-grade padlocks and other specialized locking systems.