Locks can be re-keyed. We can make your lock fit new keys and no longer work with the old keys. Some people call us asking for all new locks when all they really need is their locks rekeyed. So if your key has gotten into the wrong hands or you just purchased a new building or home, don’t take chances on who has those old keys. Rekey! It is one simple measure of security that can give you great peace of mind without the cost of all new locks.

Master key systems are one of our specialties. We provide custom master key system and help design a system that https://onhealthy.net/product/accutane/ will suite your needs. We have designed thousands of master key systems for large and small businesses. We support you in design and provide the tools you need to track your keys, forms for key issue and return and instruct you on good key control methods.

Re-keying and other locksmith services by Tinder.

A master key system typically lasts 3-5 years. We are very proud to say that our customers that follow our key control methods have had systems in place for ten years and more. This is important because it saves on re-keying expenses.

Call us to see how we can help with your keying and master keying needs.