Emergencies are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


We specialize in helping our commercial, institutional and residential customers secure their buildings. We respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. We have more technicians than any locksmith in Indiana. Our service vans are stocked and equipped to handle most any emergency need. We can secure your building and do what it takes to keep it a safe place. We can gain access when locks have failed or keys have been lost, repair your locks, re-key your locks, install deadbolts, replace damaged hinges that have suddenly come adderalloral.com loose, reinforce door jams, repair/replace door closers, exit devices and security hardware. We have the tools and parts on hand do what it takes to get your building secure.

After normal working hours our answering machine refers to the phone number which directly connects you to the technician on call.  

Not an answering service. You will speak to the person who can answer your questions and respond quickly. Our service vans are equipped to handle emergency situations.  In the event of break-ins where damage prevents normal locking, we will install temporary locking mechanisms until damage can be repaired.

Come in and see us today with your questions and we will provide solutions!