You’ve got locks.  What else can strengthen your security?


If your door opens out like many commercial doors your latch can be exposed to attack. You can probably check this yourself by looking at the door from the outside. If you can SEE the latch through the gap between the door and the frame, so can an intruder who has a something to pry with can separate the door from the jam and POP the door open OR perhaps use a credit card or other means of bypassing the latch at this weak area. .
Latchguards cover and protect this vulnerable area. Intruder may try to pry above or below the latch guard but generally with little success. Latchguards are very inexpensive so they provide cheap insurance. We often custom make latchguards to fit unique applications. Take a look at your doors today or contact us for a free security survey.

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Cylinder Guards

A cylinder guard is one of the best investments a business or homeowner can make if you have mortise locks. Most store front doors, glass aluminum frame doors and many high end or older homes have mortise lock cylinders. The small, protruding edge of the lock cylinder is prone to attack if it does not have a hardened cylinder guard.
If you have one of these (channel locks) you can quickly get into one of these (mortise cylinder)

It is almost as easy as turning a key. UNLESS you have a hardened cylinder guard. A cylinder guard stops the channel locks from gripping the cylinder and turning it. The cylinder guard just spins and does not allow a grip on the cylinder. This is another very inexpensive but extremely important piece of security hardware that adds a great deal to the security of your facility for very little $$. HARDENED! Make sure yours is hardened or it can be crunched and allow the cylinder to turn.

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