If your door does not close properly your security can be severely compromised.

Most businesses have automatic door closers on exterior doors. However if these are not adjusted properly the door may LOOK closed and locked but in fact can be simply pulled open! The best lock in the world will not provide any security if your door does not shut and lock properly.

Door hinges wear out and if installed improperly can also hinder the proper closing and locking of the door. Panic exit devices are bar type locks that fit across the door so to exit one must just push the door open on the bar.

Door closers are very important to business security. Adjustments can be made to insure the door reviahome.com actually locks when it closes. Often these are found to be leaking and need to be replaced with properly sized units matching the needs and fire ratings on the doors.

Hardened steel collars are a simple, low cost addition to business and storefront locks. Without a hardened steel collar, these locks can be wrenched open almost as fast as using a key!!  Contact us to find out more about hardened steel collars

Intercoms, Security Equipment like CCTV, safes and security equipment all work together to increase the security of your building.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about the kind of work that we do with Intercom and CCTV