Consistent and Dependable Staff

Any service company is only as good as the staff providing the service.  We take this very seriously at Tinder Co.  We strive to attract and retain the very best team.  And WE HAVE THE BEST!

Without exception, everyone who works here takes great pride in the quality and value of service we provide.  As you will see in our team member bios,  our staff tends to stay with us for many years.  We take pride in being able to quickly and efficiently react to our customer’s needs and deliver consistently high quality solutions in a manner which reflects respect and caring to our customers and each other.

Our Team Mission

We are a highly motivated, self sufficient, working team. We steadily improve our skills and knowledge base, fearlessly asking questions and sharing our knowledge. We know what should be done, know how to do it and do it without being told.

WE, the team members, are this company’s best asset.