Certified Fire Door Raceway Installers

WH-ETL-Service-MarkTinder Co has on-site Intertek Certified Fire Door Raceway Installers. We can install a Perfect Raceway and install a re-validation Warnock Hersey label. Our installers have received comprehensive training with Product Certification Consultants, trained on the use of program drill fixtures required.

Our raceways comply with NFPA requirements and standards. At this time we have the only two in the state of Indiana. We can install electrical raceway and hardware in accordance with current fire code regulations. Doing it right the first time is much more efficient than replacing the entire door.

Take advantage of our expert security consultants to ensure the security of your building. Tinder Co offers building security consulting in Indianapolis.  Building owners are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their buysoma.net fire door ratings.

We have the proper certified tools to do the job right!

And we have the authority to re-certify and label the doors after service.

Certified Fire and Egress Door Inspectors

Tinder Company has several technicians involved with Intertek’s training programs and soon will have a Certified Fire & Egress Door Inspector on staff.  This is a huge benefit to Indiana building owners who had to import certified inspectors from other states.  Take advantage of our 30 plus years experience helping schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, property managers, alarm companies, business owners, municipal, state and federal offices, banks, home owner associations, clubs and home owners.

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