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    YesNoFix -- Are your entry door locks able to be audited to identify who accessed those areas and when?
    YesNoFix -- Are access codes kept secret and changed as necessary?
    YesNoFix -- Have employees been told not to give out information about operating and security procedures to guests, telephone callers and outside contractors/vendors?
    YesNoFix -- Are employee arrivals and departures restricted to certain times and doorways?
    YesNoFix -- Is vendor/contractor/employee access limited to specific times, entrances and areas within the building?
    YesNoFix -- Are vendors/contractors supervised by a specified employee or the manager while they are on the premises?
    YesNoFix -- Are all public entry doors monitored so strangers are not walking around building?
    YesNoFix -- Are your numeric code entry locks customized for your use (not factory code!)?
    YesNoFix -- Do your electronic locks keep a data trail with who entered the area with time and date stamp?
    YesNoFix -- Are identification badges, nametags or uniforms used to identify employees?
    YesNoFix -- Are there procedures for making, tracking, storing, dispersing and retrieving all keys or access cards to the facilities and safes?
    YesNoFix -- Are you sure that former employees, contractors and other non authorized persons do not have keys, codes or access to your building?
    YesNoFix -- Are sensors and alarms used for each entrance, all storage areas, cash register and safes?
    YesNoFix -- Are sensors and alarms maintained in working order and regularly tested?
    YesNoFix -- On a public entrance do you have a chime or annunciator to alert employees that someone has entered? In many cases, even a simple battery operated door alarm is a good enunciator.
    YesNoFix -- Do you have exterior and interior CCTV, viewable remotely, to allow video recording of all sensitive areas including entrances, sensitive storage areas, cash registers and safes?
    YesNoFix -- Are cameras able to switch automatically from day light to low light?
    YesNoFix -- Do your cameras have high enough definition to capture detail needed?
    YesNoFix -- Are all fences and gates high enough and regularly checked for good repair? 
    YesNoFix -- Are shrubs and bushes near entrances and around the parking lot trimmed to eliminate hiding places?
    YesNoFix -- Are mirrors installed on the corners of the building so an employee has a view of the sides and back of the building from the back doorway. 
    YesNoFix -- Do all entrances have shatterproof windows or peep holes that allow a person to look outside before opening the door?
    YesNoFix -- Are doors properly fire-rated, self-closing and hinged on the outside?
    YesNoFix -- Have locks been rekeyed or changed if employee lost key or left without returning your key?
    YesNoFix -- Do you have high security keys that cannot be duplicated by employees or others who were given temporary keys?
    YesNoFix -- Are all locks checked regularly for proper operation including exterior gate locks?
    YesNoFix -- Are non-monitored doors kept locked at all times to prevent entry of intruders?
    YesNoFix -- Do employee and other entrances/exits close and securely lock automatically after opening?
    YesNoFix -- Are all security systems and security-related renovations checked against accessibility and fire code requirements?
    YesNoFix -- Are all employee records and files kept confidential and locked?
    YesNoFix -- Are the results of drug test kept confidential and locked up?
    YesNoFix -- Are all exterior doors solid hardwood or metal clad, strong enough to withstand excessive force?
    YesNoFix -- Are all exterior frames securely fastened and reinforced if necessary?
    YesNoFix -- Do your door closers work properly and insure that the door closes and locks when somone leaves?
    YesNoFix -- Are hinges accessible from the outside are pinned to prevent removal?
    YesNoFix -- Are all openings- including skylights, crawl spaces, vents protected?
    YesNoFix -- Are employees required to park far enough from the building so that they cannot transfer stolen items to their vehicles?
    YesNoFix -- Do you have standard procedures for employees to follow when opening and closing, and training on those procedures?
    YesNoFix -- Is a complete inspection of the facility done before closing to confirm no one is hiding inside? Including the restrooms?
    YesNoFix -- Is the name of the business, street address, and telephone number written on or near all phones?
    YesNoFix -- Are ALL doors checked that they are locked each night at the end of the business day?
    YesNoFix -- Is your address posted, clearly visible night and day from the street for emergency service identification?
    YesNoFix -- Are exterior lights working and protected by wire cages?
    YesNoFix -- Is there sufficient lighting to allow employees, guards or others to see places of concealment?
    YesNoFix -- Are safes equipped with secure one-way drop slots for deposits?
    YesNoFix -- Are safe combinations written down and kept in a secure location?
    YesNoFix -- Are safes secured to the floor or wall so they cannot be removed?
    YesNoFix -- Are safes kept locked at all times?
    YesNoFix -- If the safe is in a manager’s office, is the office locked when the manager is not inside?
    YesNoFix -- Are all window locks in good repair?
    YesNoFix -- Are windows that can open always closed and locked when the business is closed?